We Are Junkard Company

Men are born to succeed, not to fail ..

Junkard company has become number one for boots reference in Indonesia since 2010, in Bandung.
it’s not easy as we get certified, because we must forged with many obstacles and tests.
All the grace from GOD, those obstacles got us through and we’ve grown to make more quality boots that are comfy use, exclusive and high quality.

The other key of success made by Junkard Company is acceptable nationally is that we are capable of respond to men’s world fashion which is move quickly and dynamic. Stand on loyalty to the philosophy to combine modern and traditional elements, which marked by the process of production made by handmade artists, with good genuine leather material, a solid seems, artistic carved and types of boots tailored with modern lifestyle and masculinity. We are ready to go International market.

Go check our finest boots on our “PRODUCT” menu completed with visual, types, leather material, sizes and prices. Other than that, if you are interested in one of our product, click “Made to Order” menu and fill the form we have provided than we collect it to the production department.